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“Since working their system and leads, I’ve doubled my business and would recommend them to any agent.”

Alper Ahmet

Sales Representative

“My business continues to grow exponentially with the help of the leads I’ve received!”

Kyle Bridson

Sales Representative

“I firmed up on 5 leads my first month and finished my first year with a 662% ROI. This is a no-brainer…”
Ryan Fogarty

Sales Representative

“LODs tech and systems fast-forwarded my business by 5 years, overnight!”

Yossi Kaplan

Sales Representative

“In my first year of real estate, I closed 10 LOD leads and increased my GCI by 128%.”

Paolo Castellano


“Having access to leads that I can work and convert into clients is a huge win-win for me.”

Erin Balaban

Sales Representative

“The more dials the more money you make.”

Jose Pais

Sales Representative

“Beats knocking on doors for clients!!”

Donna Charles

Sales Representative

“My business had tripled since working LOD leads!”

Nevin Briand

Sales Representative

“I never have to wonder where my next client will come from. It saves me a ton of money & time which allows me to focus solely on my clients, which is the part of the business I enjoy most.”

Carol Korenic

Sales Representative

“With the leads being so affordable, I can’t imagine anyone not coming away with some degree of success.”

Elizabeth Young

Sales Representative

“Leads are the lifeline of our business, with LOD I don’t have to reinvent the wheel nor spend time or money trying to.”

Oleh Kobyleckyj

Sales Representative

“The best leads and the best CRM, no doubt.

Naveed Ahmed

Sales Representative

“I am sure that very soon, that deals will crystallize. CRM system helps keep track of leads.

Pat Paredes

Sales Representative

“Sophisticated software and the resources are there to generate leads.

Fawaz Bahnam

Sales Representative

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